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Coastalan, Inc. is a technology services company that provides business technology, knowledge management, training, and web services along with hardware and software products to it's customers. In addition to it's business clientele, we also provide technology support along with hardware and software products to consumers.

The Coastalan staff is quite talented in it's makeup. In addition to their hardware and software knowledge, the staff has individuals who can provide design services, document management skills, business management consulting, and is a publisher of articles covering technology, business, and other topics of interest to the public.

Founded in 1988, Coastalan, Inc. has had two locations. The first being in Huron, Ohio until 1996. At that time, the company was moved to it's present location in Lodi, Ohio to take advantage of it's location near the population centers of Cleveland, Akron, and Columbus.

Business clients range from small one and two man firms working in such areas as graphic design and services, to large multinational firms in the oil, banking, and retail arenas. While focused on the general Cleveland-Akron-Mansfield area, the company has provided technology solutions in both the central and northwest Ohio areas.

Consumers have also found the company to be an excellent service provider in resolving hard-to-diagnose hardware and software problems. Providing a range of services from patch management, virus removal, computer hardware and software upgrades, the company has a stable of consumers who rely on the technical expertise and timely knowledge provided to them by the technology staff. As an added bonus, the company. believing that it should give back to the community, is a regular contributor to the local computing community by providing timely industry news, alerts, and presentations to computer user groups located near our headquarter location.

Coastalan is a partner of the following vendor companies:

  1. Microsoft Corporation - Registered Partner
  2. Computer Associates - Partner
  3. GFi Corporation - Bronze Partner
  4. Ontrack Corporation - Partner
  5. Sunbelt Software Inc. - Partner


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