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Sunbelt Software

We are please to offer the following software packages from Sunbelt Software for sale via the Internet. Click on any of the images for further information and to purchase.

AutoPilot for Windows XP

  • Put Your Window XP System on STEROIDS!
  • Running many applications at the same time?
  • Is video getting jerky?
  • Bothered by annoying skips of your favorite tunes?
  • Is your computer running at 100% often?
  • Is your Windows XP system just running slower?

AutoPilot is the breakthrough automatic Windows XP performance tuner! Originally developed to tune milt-processor supercomputers, it is now available for the Windows XP operating system. This is not a memory optimizer, but a real world (load balancing) performance tuner. It is so good that we have seen a busy system's performance go up by 40 percent. The current version of AutoPilot for XP works with WinXP Service Pack 2. Note: AutoPilot does not run on Win9x or WinMe systems, so don't try to install and run it on these systems.

Click on the image below for an evaluation copy and see for yourself.



There is big money in spyware both legitimate and illegitimate. Either way, both battle for your personal information, where you surf on the Internet, and what you buy on the web. By putting small programs on your computer to monitor your computer use, Internet advertisers and the Net Mafia will infect your PC and make it nearly impossible to remove these programs from your computer. CounterSpy finds these programs, quarantines or deletes them, and then protects your PC from further infection. Without out a doubt; this product is the hands-down recommendation to all our customers.



Eliminate annoying spam with iHateSpamô. The Ultimate Weapon Against Junk E-Mail!

  • Annoyed and angry with all the spam you get in your inbox?
  • Want to eliminate these irritating junk, porn, illegal offers and identity theft attempts?
  • Version 4 is now released, and works with Microsoft Outlook, MS Outlook Express, Hotmail and Eudora!
  • Do not lose even more time and save yourself from even more annoyance. The new CAN SPAM act is not working. iHateSpam is a great solution, and the price is a no-brainer. A quarter million users can't be wrong.

You can run iHateSpam on all Windows Operating System flavors except Win95. iHateSpam supports the following email clients: Outlook 2000, Outlook XP and Outlook 2003; Outlook Express 5 and above; MSN Hotmail (in Internet Explorer 6 running under Windows 2000 or XP only); Eudora 5.1 and above; Not AOL!


Kerio Personal Firewall

Firewalls Protect Your PC

Firewalls protect you from many Internet hazards. Be alert, the bad guys can get pretty creative at what they are launching. In 2005, more than 256,000 (!) people were the victim of identity theft. Here are some rather frightening examples of what might be coming your way. But remember as with all anti malware, your protection is totally based on your own diligence, and that is why firewalls are so important because they do protect your computer. Here are some examples:
  • Remote login - Allows someone to connect to your computer and control it, look at files and run programs
  • Backdoors - Some programs you may have downloaded could have hidden features that allow for remote access. Many others contain bugs that allow outside control of your PC
  • Mail hijacking - Taking over your contact list and using your computer to send out spam. Is your firewall doing its job?
Now you just might think, Windows XP has a firewall, why don't I just use that? Good idea but you need more oomph. The firewall built into Windows XP could be called 'firewall lite'. It's pretty bare bones. For instance, it does not block outgoing traffic! In other words, it allows your confidential information straight out to the Internet (you get what you pay for). Utilizing a full personal firewall gives you a lot more control and defensive fire power.

We have extensively tested this firewall and can only add to the accolades given to this product. This product has it all: Unique Built-in Intrusion Prevention, Privacy Protection, and is a Must-Have Companion To Antispyware and Antivirus. On top of that, we believe this is a better firewall than ZoneAlarm!

The 'for-pay' Kerio Firewall used to be $45.00, but now that Sunbelt has acquired it, the list price has gone down to the "no-brainer" level of $19.95. But wait, it gets better. Until March 31, 2006 you can benefit from the Special Intro Offer and get it for just $14.95 with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee, immediate online delivery, and toll free tech support. No other product gives you that. Isn't it great to call for tech support and talk to a live human being in the U.S.?! Read on to see the difference between the free version and the full 'for-pay' version.

Comparison table

Most products you test function for a month and then they stop. But not the Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall. After 30 days, it shuts down selected features, but will continue to run in 'free' mode". The following table compares differences between Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall running in a free mode vs. a full (paid) mode. Here is the breakdown. It's worth to pay just $14.95 for the difference!

Product: SKPF 4 - free SKPF 4 - full
Packet filter YES YES
File integrity control YES YES
Application communication control YES YES
Application launch control YES YES
Network Intrusion Prevention System YES YES
Host-based Intrusion Prevention System NO YES
Control of private information sent to the Internet NO YES
Script blocking (JavaScript, VB script) NO YES
Referrer and Cookies blocking NO YES
Ad blocking NO YES
Pop-up windows blocking NO YES
Statistics of attacks and blocked ads YES YES
Automatic update checker YES YES
Extended logging YES YES
Syslog NO YES
Runs as Internet Gateway NO YES
Remote administration NO YES
Password protected configuration NO YES

So what's holding you back? Click on the banner and download your 30 trial copy now. We think you will agree with us; this product is the firewall of choice.

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