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Ontrack Corporation offers a full range of data recovery solutions to address your data loss needs. Unlike other data recovery companies, Ontrack provides exclusive and patented solutions that do not require you to send in your media for recovery. In situations where the hardware is functioning normally, Ontrack's patented Remote Data Recovery™ service and EasyRecovery™ software solutions can solve your data loss needs safely and effectively in a matter of hours.

Ontrack's software solutions include:

  • EasyRecovery™ Lite
  • EasyRecovery DataRecovery™
  • EasyRecovery EmailRecovery™
  • EasyRecovery FileRepair™
  • EasyRecovery™ Professional (individual, commercial, and enterprise)
  • DataEraser™
  • Disk Manager®
  • Disk Advisor®
  • Ontrack Data Recovery / Netware
  • Ontrack® PowerControls™

Ontrack’s Remote Data Recovery™ (RDR®) patented technology performs lab-quality data recovery on your server, desktop, or laptop through a modem or Internet connection. There is no need to remove the drive or dismantle your system. A typical in-lab recovery takes about 2-5 days – RDR® can be completed in a matter of hours. RDR® is a secure and one of the fastest data recovery solution for systems not experiencing physical hardware failure.

Trust Ontrack, the leaders in Data Recovery for over 15 years. The decision of who to trust with recovering your data is crucial because a failed recovery attempt can lead to permanent data loss.

As an Ontrack STAR Partner, Coastalan can arrange for disaster recovery quotes for the data you must regain besides being a source for the Ontrack software utilities. Contact us today!


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